Photo: Kelly Marie Photography

My name is Mike DeGuzman. I’m a Chicago based musician and member of Savannah, GA born reggae/rock group, PASSAFIRE. Through this site, I will be documenting my tour experiences along with my other musical endeavors.

How I linked up with Passafire…

A while back, I posted a piano cover of Down Down Down by The Expendables. Their manager, Donovan, came across it and messaged me. Through this, I was given the opportunity to open The Expendables’ set on 01.21.10 @ The House of Blues in Chicago and play a few songs with them on 05.01.10 @ The Rave in Milwaukee.

The Chicago show was The Expendables’ headlining Winter Blackout Tour with supporting bands Passafire, Iration, Pour Habit, & Roots Down Below. It was at this show when I first met the guys from Passafire. I showed them my cover of Casting of the Cares, along with my other various YouTube videos. They eventually asked me to become a full-time member to start 2011.

Since joining the band: we’ve played 800+ shows, we’ve released 3.5 albums, and we’ve toured Europe over the span of 2 summers. I’ve met some amazing people along the way and look forward to meeting many more new friends across the globe. To all my friends & family, thank you for your continued support!


Cities (2019)
Trees (2019)

Friends (2020)
Sleepless (2020)
Keepin’ On (2019)
Live In Atlanta (2018)
Longshot (2017)
Feel It (2015)
Interval (2015)
Piano Renditions (2013)
Vines (2013)
Remixed From Scratch (2012)
Start From Scratch (2011)
Live From The Road Vol. 2 (2011)

Fluid Minds:
Johnny Cosmic – Shoulder of Giants (2012)
Bear Down (2011)
Punk Floyd (2011)
Remixed (2011)
Vaporizer (2010)
Gamma Wave (2010)

P.TUGZ – Holdin’ hundred$ (2020)
Eric Swanson – Gasoline (2020)
Dillinger’s Hired Guns – Jellyfish Of Love (2020)
Shrub – Back To Earth (2020)
Kevin Molloy – Won’t Let Go (2020)
The Expendables – Gone Raw (2019)
David Foral – Stone Soup Vol. 2 (2017)
David Foral – Stone Soup Vol. 1 (2016)
Jimkata – Remix In Light (2014)
Slatetrain – Slatetrain (2014)
Tubby Love – Love Is Alive (2013)
KnowledgeBorn07 – T.M.O.I.A. (2013)
KnowledgeBorn07 – Dub Knowledge (2011)
KnowledgeBorn07 – Cosmic Knowledge (2010)