Common Grounds – Gainesville, FL

Last night was a big success for us and a great night for my debut on this tour! A big thanks to the folks at High Tides for organizing the meet & greet… a big thanks to our new friend Chris from Jacksonville, who hooked it up with a room at the Marriott… and a big thanks to my crew who came out and supported me! Expect some video footage from the show to be posted sometime soon.

Facebook users… I will be uploading photos here. Feel free to check there periodically for pics from the road.

2 thoughts on “Common Grounds – Gainesville, FL

  1. Hi Mike,
    Chris called & told us everything about your first debut concert tour with Passafire. Congratulations, I heard it was a big hit. I am going to view the pictures sent by Chris. Good luck again on your performance tonight in GA.
    LOve Mom

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