To Jupiter & Back!

I flew back down south over the weekend for 3 shows in Georgia & Florida…

04.08.11 – We returned to Charley O’Corley’s in Valdosta, GA and brought along our friends, Domino Effect, to open. Ted is currently producing their upcoming album.

04.09.11 – We performed for the Florida Music Festival and headlined The Social in Orlando. The festival included 175+ bands/artists and took place at several venues across downtown Orlando. Other headliners & notable bands over the weekend festival included Easy Star All-Stars, The Supervillains, Cas Haley, The Green, The Ettes, & Better Than Ezra. Click here for video footage from the set.

04.10.11 – We made our first ever appearance in Jupiter, FL and performed at an outdoor tiki bar called Guanabanas.

Click here for more pics from the Spring 2011 shows.

In other news, our friends in Pour Habit released a new album today called Got Your Back. Unfortunately, their van was stolen this morning along with all of their gear. This is the worst possible thing that can happen for any band, so help them out and buy their new album.

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