Live From The Road Vol. 2 – Now Available for Download

Passafire released a live 10 track album featuring various songs from this past winter tour. My personal favorite was our performance of ‘Rude Boi‘ at The House of Rock in Corpus Christi.

Live From The Road Vol. 2 is available as a “Name Your Price” download…

Looking for Live From The Road Vol. 1?? …purchase it on iTunes.

Video Clips from Elevation Underground & Common Grounds

Yesterday was our first day off. We stopped by Elevation Underground in Towson, MD for a meet and greet with the fans. Here, we set up an in-store acoustic performance to help promote for our show tonight @ the 8 x 10 in Baltimore, MD. Listen to our acoustic rendition of Keeping in Touch:

Also, check out a clip of “Rude Boi” from my debut show at Common Grounds in Gainesville, FL: