Hello Savannah, GA!

After a long day and a half between ORD & ATL airports, I finally got to my final destination. On practically no hours of sleep, I managed to get through most of the songs from Everyone on Everynight and about half of Submersible. I’m pretty content on what was accomplished through the first day of rehearsals, but definitely will be spending extra time on my own to tighten up the tracks and dial in the best keyboard patches.

Although I was anxious to rehearse Passafire’s songs, I was definitely looking forward to some freeform improv jams. I even jumped on bass for a few, which definitely felt great (stay tuned for some jams to be posted in hi-fidelity). I’ll be staying at Ted & Will’s house before we leave for Gainesville. Ted has quite the jamspace/studio setup as you can see here:

Ted's jamspace

Ted's jamspace

Ted's jamspace

2 thoughts on “Hello Savannah, GA!

  1. Thanks for taking the time to do these posts man! So cool to see where they (and now you) rehearse.

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